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Our Team 

JAC's mission and goals are accomplished by full time staff, contract attorneys, volunteers, and collaborations with partners like Southeast Louisiana Legal Services and First 72+.  Read more about our staff below.

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Kevin Dalcourt


Kevin is JAC’s Paralegal that provides day-to-day support for all aspects of the legal team’s current and prospective cases, under the supervision of the Legal Director.

Sarah Whittington

Advocacy Director

Sarah is JAC’s full-time staff attorney focused on reducing the collateral consequences of criminal records and assisting clients re-entering our communities from incarceration. She represents clients in resolving traffic matters, obtaining driver's licenses, and expunging criminal records.

Alexis Yeboah-Kodie

Staff Attorney

Alexis is JAC's staff attorney who oversees the work to mitigate the collateral consequences of the criminal legal system through the provision of direct legal services, litigation, and advocacy.

Laura Reeds

Legal Director

Laura leads a dedicated team of staff attorneys, paralegals, contractors and volunteers in providing legal advice and direct representation to people with criminal records. Through legal clinics, educational initiatives and strategic litigation, Laura directs the Legal Department in furthering JAC's mission to help people recover from the criminal legal system.

Sherie Thomas

Outreach & Community Engagement Director

Sherie leads JAC's engagement and outreach activities for criminal records, survivors of solitary confinement, pro bono attorneys, volunteers, law students, community organizations, allies, coalitions, and partners. She works with JAC staff, contractors, and partners to carry out advocacy campaigns, primarily through coalition management, relationship building, and facilitating the engagement of impacted communities in envisioning and implementing systemic change.

Annette Hollowell

Transition Co-Manager

Annette is the Principal of The Verbena Group, serves as Transition Co-Manager leading on staff, grant, and business operations management. In 2021, she led JAC in re-envisioning our mission statement. Her background in organizational health and strategic planning is essential to shepherding JAC through this change.

Lavonzell Nicholson

Transition Co-Manager

Lavonzell is the owner of EIH Consulting, serves as Transition Co-Manager directing the ED search and hiring process. Over the past three years, she has aided the Louisiana Stop Solitary Coalition's development and conducted JAC staff and board retreats. With over 20 years experience developing businesses, nonprofits, people, and projects, Lavonzell is well-suited to lead a fair and open process for leadership change.

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