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Our Team 

JAC's mission and goals are accomplished by full time staff, contract attorneys, volunteers, and collaborations with partners like Southeast Louisiana Legal Services and First 72+.  Read more about our staff below.

Akilah Taylor

Community Engagement & Program Director

Akilah Taylor, the Community Engagement and Program Director at the Justice & Accountability Center of Louisiana, orchestrates vital initiatives such as the LA Stop Solitary Coalition and the Fair Chance Hiring Campaign. With a rich background in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors, including a significant tenure at UnitedHealthcare and impactful fundraising at Louisiana State University, Akilah leverages her extensive experience in community collaboration and strategic partnership development to drive systemic change and support the reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Lauren Kirichkow

Staff Attorney

Lauren Kirichkow serves as the Staff Attorney at the Justice and Accountability Center, specializing in expungement litigation, child support modifications related to incarceration, and resolving driver's license issues for individuals re-entering society. With a robust background in criminal defense across Southern Louisiana and accolades like the LSBA 2020 Law Student Pro Bono Award, Lauren brings a fierce dedication to dismantling systemic barriers and advocating for a justice system that uplifts rather than punishes.

Demond Miller

Administrative Clerk

Demond Miller is a passionate advocate for justice, drawing on his firsthand experiences with socioeconomic adversity and his role as an Inmate Advocate at Madison County Jail to drive impactful community change. At the Justice and Accountability Center, he is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and empowering marginalized populations through thoughtful advocacy and community engagement.

Sarah Whittington

Advocacy Director

Sarah is JAC’s full-time staff attorney focused on reducing the collateral consequences of criminal records and assisting clients re-entering our communities from incarceration. She represents clients in resolving traffic matters, obtaining driver's licenses, and expunging criminal records.

Laura Reeds

Legal Director

Laura leads a dedicated team of staff attorneys, paralegals, contractors and volunteers in providing legal advice and direct representation to people with criminal records. Through legal clinics, educational initiatives and strategic litigation, Laura directs the Legal Department in furthering JAC's mission to help people recover from the criminal legal system.

Sherie Thomas

Executive Director

Sherie is the guiding force behind a committed team of advocates and attorneys. Together, they address shortcomings in the post-conviction phase of the criminal system by employing strategic policy initiatives and providing essential legal services. Sherie collaborates closely with JAC staff, contractors, and partners to lead advocacy campaigns. These campaigns focus on coalition management, forging relationships, and empowering affected communities to envision and enact meaningful systemic reform.

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