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Re-Entry Legal Services

Are You Formerly Incarcerated and Need Legal Assistance? We Can Help! 

Here is How:


  1. Attend Our Re-Entry Legal Clinics - If you have been incarcerated at least 2 months or are currently on supervision in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, we will have attorneys ready to meet with you and help with: child support, traffic tickets, driver’s licenses, TWIC appeals/denials, consumer debt

  2. Allow Our Attorneys to Represent You - if you are currently on supervision for a felony, live in Orleans Parish, and have returned home from incarceration in the last 6 months you may be eligible for JAC representation. You must also enroll with Goodwill Industries for case management and employment services. If your issue is traffic tickets from before you were incarcerated, JAC attorneys may be able to help you through the Reentry Docket in Orleans Municipal and Traffic Court.

  3. Attend our Expungement Clinic - if you are trying to have your record sealed from public view, bring your court paperwork (this is your expungement packet from Orleans Criminal District Court OR your bill of information and sentencing minutes from other courts). Screening is first-come, first-served based on our volunteer attorneys. There are no early sign ups or appointments.


Fair Credit Reporting Act:

Many landlords and employers will use a credit report or a credit reporting agency to get information on applicants. This report has information about open credit cards, bills, or debts that a person might have. JAC helps individuals who have returned from incarceration check their credit report to see if there is incorrect or wrong information that could impact their access to housing or employment. A person has a right to check their credit report and dispute any wrong information.


Eligibility: Participants must have been incarcerated for at least 2 months or currently on supervision. 

Access: Attend a Reentry Legal Clinic - This clinic is first-come, first-served with sign-in opening at the start of the clinic. There are no early sign-ins or appointments.

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JAC provides civil legal services to formerly and currently incarcerated individuals.  For help with a legal issue, please attend our next Reentry Legal Clinic.  Legal Clinics are posted on our events calendar and advertised through social media as they are scheduled. Submit your email below to get updates on when our next legal clinics are scheduled. 

Story Project

JAC Re-Entry Story Project

Have you wanted the public to know your story of reentry? Some of the difficulties you have faced? The success you have managed? Do you have a suggestion on how the criminal justice system could work better for public safety and reentry? JAC focuses on learning more about our criminal justice system from experts and advocates. JAC WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU, please send your story to us at

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