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Temporary Release and Furloughs from Jail

What is a furlough?

A furlough is a temporary release for those in pre-trial sentencing or serving time on a sentence when there is a serious illness/death of a family member or when it serves as rehabilitation for a person to maintain family relationships during incarceration.

This PowerPoint, and the video below, explains the furlough process and what steps someone needs to take. 

The video below was recorded with the help of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Reform Coalition. It contains an explanation of the PowerPoint and walks through it step by step. The furlough explanation begins around the 1 hour, 6 minute mark.

Below the video are two furlough charts and example letters that can be used based on your persons circumstances. You can use this PDF Spreadsheet to assist with locating your person's facility or sheriff contacts.

DOC FACILITIES: Are they furlough eligible?

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 7.54.54 AM.png

Letter A1

Letter A2

Letter B1

Local / Parish Jails:  Are they furlough eligible?

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 7.58.44 PM.png

Letter A3

Letter A4

Letter B2

Letter C

Letter D

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