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JAC's Supporters

JAC's work is not possible without generous donations and support from Angels, Partners and Friends.  We thank our supporters and look forward to adding new friends to our list!

JAC Angels
JAC Angels ($5,000+)
JAC Partners
JAC Partners ($1,000 - $4,999)

Assumption Mission

Mr. & Mrs. David & Stephanie Barksdale

Eugenie Foundation


Jonathan Moore, Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP


Kabacoff Family Foundation

Service Employees International Union - Local 21

The Board of Directors of JAC

JAC Friends
JAC Friends ($10 - $999)

Aaron Sussman

Albert Wang


Andrea Armstrong

Anthony Ramirez

Benjamin Hoffman

Benjamin Locke

Betty Maury

Brenda Williams

Bruce Reilly

Charles Wheeler

Cody Wofsy

Darcy Devine Scoggin


David Marcello

Eloise Dixon

Genorie Church

Gwynne Mashon

Heidi Sinclair

Ian Head

James Kreihs

James Logan

Jessica Wheeler


Joanne Wheeler 

Jonathan Reynolds

Joseph Cerise

Leah Read


Linda Scaife

Lindsey Olsen

Marion Stegg

Megan Moss

Nicole Gillies

Paul Keefe

Reuben Teague

Sean Chadwell

Sherdren Burnside


Steven Saltzman

Suzanne Lacey

Tara Gass

Terri Troncale

Thomas Lauren

Tyler Douglas

Opportunity Circle (Recurring)

Jacqueline Wilson

Nora Ellertsen

Tracy Pratt

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