Hanging in the Balance: Florida’s 1.5 Million Felons and Voting Rights

Back in February, a Federal judge ruled that the system that bans felon from voting in Florida was unconstitutional[1]. This announcement came just weeks after a group named Floridians for a Fair Democracy met the required number of signatures to include a re-enfranchisement provision on the upcoming 2018 ballot. The Second Chance” initiative – promising to restore voting rights – garnered the nearly 760,000 signatures needed. With Florida accounting for 27% of all nationally disenfranchised (equal to 1.5 million individuals being ineligible to vote), both the ruling and the ballot initiative were celebrated among supporters of holistic reintegration and post-sentence transitions. Come Fall, residents of the Sunshine State will have a big choice to make, one that will have a profound impact on future elections and serve as a litmus for the health of our democratic resilience.

We at the Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana (JAC) are excited to see progress be made on an