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As part of a newly developed article series from the Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana (JAC), the following covers topical issues within criminal justice policy. As JAC seeks to develop reform-oriented programming, of which delivers both cost effective and socially just solutions, the forthcoming series will explore trends and policy positions as well as offer commentary on developments in both Baton Rouge and Washington D.C. 

A brief commentary on the FIRST STEP Act

In all aspects of the professional world, it has become custom to avoid polarizing issues and avoid taking positions on the body politic. It is also an axiom of criminal justice – particularly advocacy of policy reforms – that it is undeniably connected to prevailing political winds. It becomes challenging to navigate topics that require clear positions; positions that are ultimately going to conflict with others. Now as it comes to the current administration, I have remained unimpressed and at times, downright appalled by the dismantling of many conventions. I have watched as Donald Trump’s Department of Justice has sought to undermine previously established federal prohibitions on the enfo

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