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Akilah Taylor

Community Engagement & Program Director

Akilah Taylor, as the Community Engagement and Program Director at the Justice & Accountability Center of Louisiana, plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful collaborations with key community groups and managing significant initiatives like the LA Stop Solitary Coalition and the Fair Chance Hiring Campaign. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Master's in Nonprofit Management, Akilah's professional journey spans robust community engagement at various scales and strategic market initiatives for Medicaid beneficiaries at UnitedHealthcare, culminating in a remarkable 78% growth in Medicaid membership in Louisiana.

Her tenure includes impactful roles such as Community Engagement Director, where she spearheaded partnerships to enhance equitable access to healthcare, and Market Growth Director, where her strategic acumen led to substantial community development. At Louisiana State University, she secured over $2.5 million for engineering diversity initiatives, highlighting her exceptional capability in fundraising and partnership development. A lifelong advocate with Child Advocacy Service, Akilah is deeply committed to JAC's mission, aiming to mitigate the consequences of the criminal legal system and drive systemic change that supports reintegration and empowerment for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.


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