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MCLE Shreveport Registration: Friday, December 8, 2017, 12pm - 4pm

(4hrs, 1hr ethics)


This class provides an overview of expungement law.

Online registration: $100. Volunteers may register for free. Contact Adrienne for your event discount code.

The agenda is as follows: 
HOUR 1: 
What is the new law on expungements?
La Code Crim. Pro art 971, et seq
La Code Crim. Pro. arts 893 & 894
La Code Crim. Pro arts 571 & 572
HOUR 2 (Ethics): 
What do I tell my clients? (1hr Ethics)
Determining Eligibility
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Background Checks (public v private)
Use of expunged reords
HOUR 3: 
Eligibility Application / Application of the Law
HOUR 4: 
How do I complete the required forms?

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