Clean Slate: Because We all Deserve a Second Chance   

Louisiana faces several challenges connected to its criminal legal system: the highest incarceration rate in the country, a high poverty rate, and numerous barriers to housing, education, and employment for those who have served their sentences.  While these are complex challenges, one common-sense policy solution is to simplify the overly complicated process of clearing old criminal records for thousands of individuals. By enacting clean slate legislation in Louisiana, we can remove barriers for those who have served their sentences and provide them the opportunity to thrive.  This is more important than ever in the wake of COVID-19 to ensure that Louisianians with criminal records aren't left behind when the economy reopens.    

We can all agree that a criminal record shouldn't be a life sentence to poverty - it's time to move to a clean slate in Louisiana. 

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NFL's Malcom Jenkins Speaks Out About Unfair Expungement Processes

National Clean Slate Initiative video on clean slate policies nationwide

Clean Slate ensures we will not hamstring our post-COVID-19 recovery by preventing 1.2 MILLION Louisianians with criminal records from returning to the workforce.  Read our two page factsheet here.