The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana tackles deficiencies in the post-conviction phase of the criminal justice system while creating a supportive collaborative space for attorneys and advocates.


The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana (JAC), founded in 2011, addresses pervasive problems in the post-conviction phase of the criminal justice system and creates a supportive, collaborative space for attorneys and advocates.


JAC envisions a just society where all individuals have affordable access to necessary legal and social services. The lack of access for incarcerated populations to appropriate services in the post-conviction phase of the criminal justice system and the lack of support for a positive reentry of people previously incarcerated are contrary to notions of fairness and justice. To these ends, JAC has three goals for supporting a just community.


JUSTICE: Our first and immediate goal is to promote access to justice through legal services and related community education. JAC’s legal services ensures that expungements are available on a regular basis to those who have had contact with the criminal justice system. JAC also facilitates a collaborative lawyering program in which teams of attorneys who practice in different fields come together to provide legal services holistically to individuals previously incarcerated. This service increases the likelihood of successful reentry and decreases recidivism rates. Throughout the year, JAC offers workshops, classes, and events for the general public, attorneys, stakeholders, policy makers, and the media on various criminal justice issues, including expungement, reentry, indigent defense funding and more.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Our second intermediate goal is to promote systemic change that will positively impact the lives of those previously incarcerated. JAC collects data to use for systemic reform through litigation, legislation, and policy advocacy. By tracking trends and highlighting deficiencies, we can provide the first step toward lasting change.


THE CENTER: Our third and long-term goal is to deconstruct the current model of legal practice by creating a space for attorneys to come together. Providing individual attorneys with the opportunity to share space and physical resources will allow them to do difficult legal work that is in great demand. Through our approach, attorneys share intellectual resources, develop best practices and strategize avenues for meaningful representation.

JAC collaborates alongside many partners to provide legal services, education and advocacy. Our partners have included the Orleans Public Defenders’ Office, Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office, STRIVE, VOTE-NOLA, the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Legal Innovators for Tomorrow (LIFT), and more. To learn more, get involved, or donate, contact us by phone at (504) 322-4050 or email at info@JACLouisiana.org.

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