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Outreach Specialist

Louisiana, USA

Job Type

Temporary Contract Position

About the Role

Assist with planning, development, outreach, and hosting of at least 2 expungement app workshops and one expungement clinic in parish of residence and/or adjacent parishes

Attend additional JAC expungement clinics and workshops as needed to engage with expungement seekers and educate them about record clearing policy advocacy work

Prepare for and deliver at least one “Train the Trainer” workshop for the expungement app, including recruiting participants with criminal records

Prepare for and deliver at least one Fair Chance Hiring workshop for people with criminal records

Focus large portion of outreach on individuals seeking work in healthcare fields

Follow up with all workshop and clinic participants on their self-represented record clearing procedures and post-expungement outcomes (jobs, housing, etc.); coordinate with JAC attorneys on cases in which we take on clients

Become knowledgeable about the following areas and provide related community education as detailed in this contract, while understanding the balance between community education and NOT providing legal advice:

Expungement screening through JAC’s app and the expungement filing process generally

In Forma Pauperis expungement eligibility, criteria for application, and process

Fair Chance Hiring Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act

Correcting government background check errors with the State Police and background check companies records removal process

Mugshot bill implementation

Attend monthly (weekly during session) NEO Coalition meetings

Attend [outreach worker] joint meetings and supervisor meetings as needed


At our company, we live and breathe our mission every day. Our ultimate goal is to provide employment opportunities to talented individuals who have previously faced criminal records.

About the Company

JAC eliminates obstacles to opportunity for people harmed by the systemic racism and economic impacts of the criminal legal system through legal services, public education, and policy advocacy. We envision a world without barriers or limits for people with criminal records and their families, where we all have a fair chance to thrive.

We are a ten-year-old, small, statewide non-profit that relies on pro bono attorneys, contract attorneys, law students, and volunteers, in addition to our staff, to accomplish our mission. We launch new programs and identify new clients primarily through legal clinics, as well as through cooperating with court administrators to bundle and fast-track cases, like our Re-Entry Docket Program, where we just reached the over $1M mark of court debt eliminated in Orleans Municipal Court. Much of our work is done through collaborative models with government entities and non-profit partners, whether we are providing legal services or engaging in advocacy work. JAC facilitates several statewide coalitions, including the Louisiana Stop Solitary Coalition and three different policy coalitions focusing on driver’s license suspensions, expungements, and criminal fines & fees. These coalitions have changed the law on solitary confinement for the first time in 150 years in Louisiana, as well as advanced expungement law changes that have expanded eligibility to thousands of people with criminal records in our state.

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